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Y​our Story - One Glass At A Time


Hand Painted, Decorative and Custom Glasses, Carafe, Pitchers and Craft Blocks

100% usable with Hand Washing

Hello and Welcome to Once Upon a Glass

My name is Kathy Harrington, and I am the designer for your special one of a kind glassware.  All items are completely hand painted so there really are no two alike. I hope you enjoy exploring all the designs I have, and items are listed with a name, price per item and how many are in stock.  I can custom design an item for you or your loved one.  

Each item is lovingly made and it gives me great pleasure that so many can feel that love and happiness when they use my creation.

All items are baked after the painting process is completed,  If applicable, gems are then adhered and your glass is washed and ready to use upon receiving.

Hand Wash Only

I invite you to browse Once Upon A Glass